Probably one of the most asked question in the history of humanity, Who will win this fight?

We always watch predications for MMA and BJJ fights, but is there any criteria that we can judge on? and the answer is pretty much (YES), the formula is not 100% accurate but it can do the job up to 90 ~95%.

Who will win in a fight criteria:

1. Age

It’s pretty much clear that young boys have high physicality performance, which will gives them a natural better stamina, and a quicker muscles power/

2. Technique 

Certainly knowing more martial art, and studying more techniques in each martial art, learning new tricks is a an important tool in any judgment.


For a long period of time BJJ practitioner were to dominating all MMA fights due to their knowledge of ground game, when all other martial art have absolutely no clue nor a solution for that situation.

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3. Experience

Experience and drilling are the most important elements, they develop the muscle memory where techniques became a reaction rather than anything else.

More drilling and sparing means more exposed to all different scenarios and situations, and it also gives you the confident that you need.

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4. Weight

Weight plays a major factor but it also have it’s bros and cons, usually heavier people have much less stamina, so if you can maintain a high weight yet a long stamina then that would be the best, but it’s very rarely this to happen as the bigger the muscles the more they need blood, and that’s what might slow you down.

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The average score for all those elements can determine the winner .