What is the difference between MMA, BJJ and Muaythai?

MMA is a Mixed martial art, it means you can use all skills (Karate, Judo, BJJ .. etc) so even if the fight goes on ground the referee won’t stop the fight. So MMA is not a standalone martial art by it self, but it’s the acceptance of all martial arts to be performed together in a single fight. BJJ is a single type of martial art, it focuses on chokes and breaking joints, no striking or kicks are allowed. Muaythai is a single type of martial art, it’s a pure striking game with kicks, game will stop once fighter falls on ground.

I am old, can i join?

It’s hard to determine how old you are, if you are above 50 Years, then certain techniques you might not be able to perform, but that doesn’t mean you can’t practice punching and kicking. Martial art is much safer than body building when you are lifting extra weights that your body is not prepared/made to carry. If you are below 45 and specially those who are in their 20’s, please don’t say you are old, you are still brand new.

How to be a good MMA/BJJ/Muaythai fighter and perform faster?

START. Come and register today, not tomorrow, not the week after, not next month or next year or next century. You wanna be a fighter you need to start working today and definitely not tomorrow. STOP looking and searching for excuses to delay your joining date, everyone have work, everyone is busy, nothing extra special about you, the only thing that can make you special is your determination. “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Bruce Lee Said. It means that practice, continuance, and determination is the main key to success, there is no skill that will make you win in a day or two, you need to practice and practice and practice some-more, then you might win. so, start your training as soon as possible.

I have no experience in any martial art, can i join?

Who said that our coaches born with an existing skills? Who said that all our students had an experience in any martial art before they join us? You are no difference than anyone else who started knowing zero, so yes you definitely can join. We recommend that you read our gym reviews on our Facebook page that shares other students knowledge and experience

Which martial art suits me?

What is your goal? MMA fighting? then you need both Muaythai and BJJ, Fitness? We recommend our Muaythai for fitness course, self defense, high technique, long journey and big society? you join BJJ.

What is the difference between BJJ Gi and BJJ No Gi?

Gi is the attire that we use in BJJ, it’s not a uniform because Gi is required in our game as many techniques (chokes, pull guards .. etc) relies on it.
No Gi is way too different game, we teach the student the variation of each technique to be performed without the Gi for MMA purposes. BJJ is mainly a Gi game, in Brazili they don’t allow you to attend a No Gi class unless you finish your first year in Gi.

What is the best package?

It really depends on your budget and goal, but we recommend full package (Muaythai and BJJ) for at least 1 Year.