Where We Came From

Your training and fitness cost you time, money, and energy; so why not to learn a real skills at the same time?
Boxing and Muaythai classes are everywhere, but are they the real deal? Do you want to learn boxing for fitness? or learning how to defend yourself!? Could you watch a boxing match and really understand what’s going on?
We established our gym on the solid principle that you should be learning actual skills from trainers with real experience and certified properly.
We focus on training quality and facilities. This means that we track your performance each month and report your performance summary and fitness development back to you.
All of our trainers are certified and well known, and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Why we are an academy?

We have full management staff to organize and build an internal system that works as schooling system. Members can evaluate the gym performance, suggest ideas and make complaints. Our academy is not a small studio that run by one man show, but it’s a full company who have investors and full organization chart that include HR, Sales, Instructors Head Coach … etc which all this team is working to enhance and develop the academy regularly; and to evaluate your performance as well.

We are the first in Malaysia to consider martial art (specially BJJ program) as an educational system, where we create a profile for each student which contains student performance and journey so we grant him/her a smooth promotion, upgrade and benefits through this system, so even if a coach leave, the information will be passed to another coach to continue your journey and not to ask you to start again.

Name and Vision

We always wanted to be unique and meaningful, we couldn’t call the gym “Strong or Elite”, it’s not something to be received/become upon registration, it’s something you SHOULD earn. The gym name is driven by the fact that each human have his own struggle in life that he/she did face, and they couldn’t forget. Our gym is the place that you should walk in and release/work against this moment of life, that moment when you were Unforgiven but all you needed is a second chance.


Quality !?!? Is there a quality in MMA GYMS ? YES there is. MMA gyms are considered as school or compact academies, so they do and have to have quality in:

  • Instructors
  • Staff Behavior
  • Facilities
  • Sports Updates
  • Class Structure
  • Cleanliness
  • Authorization

Kids Extra Care?

The main aim of the class is for fitness and teach them anti bulling.
Class structure is been studied and designed to suit kids from 4 years old up to 15 years old.
We believe that modern life has captivated the kids from growing properly, which will definitely impact their muscles growth and structure. No place to release that and explore this power unless they are in a gym with proper guidance and equipment for such a task to ensure their grown, and this is what MMA academies is made for.