Personal Training VS Group Training

There are 2 types of training that usually martial art academies offers, one is the personal training where it’s one on  one, only the coach and the trainee will be attending; and group class, where the instructor will be giving the class to a group of students. Below is a comparison between both types to help you in selecting which type of training might suits you the best.

Personal Training


Personal training is mostly used for clients who are busy and having a tight schedule and their week can’t be planned in advance, personal training comes in handy as you can schedule your training any day and time you want.


It can suits all levels (beginner, and advance); if you are a beginner then personal training can take you very easy and slowly and with the exact rhythm that suits you, you can always ask to speed up or slow down, to cover more or cover less, the choice and steering is always yours.

And if you are an advance student then this is what you usually is looking for, a very careful analysis to your game to cover your gaps and work on fixing them, or to gain more skills and sharpen your tools, or to gain more speed, the choice is yours.


Definitely this wont be cheap, nor it’s expensive for the service and attention you are getting. You will have a full hands-on and attention from the professional coach who at least spent 8 years doing martial arts and attending seminars with international top athletes.
A 60 minute session with a qualified personal trainer is usually between $50 and $100. You can usually save up to 30% if you purchase multiple sessions in a package (10 or more).

Group Class


You will need to follow a pre defined schedule which in most cases suits everyone and mostly those who have a fixed working time (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM).

Check the academy timetable to be able to determine if this academy offers a timetable that suits you.


Well it depends on how crowded the class is, you might be lucky to train with the coach and have some hands-on, but you surely can’t compare it to personal training in this area.

But what it offers you is the great variant of other students in the class that each one have a different experience and body type in which you might enjoy and experience different type of challenge.

Check if the academy offers structured classes where they differentiate newbie students from advance students so you can join the right level, try to attend trial class so you make sure that classes are really different in technique and explanation and it’s not only a title.


It’s definitely cheaper as the cost is been divided across all other students and attendee.
Usually people buy a seasonal access (1 year and above) to save the cost as discount might reach up to 50% in some cases, average price for annual training is 400$ – 800$ in Asia while its tribble the price in Europe and USA.